Fair Isle Tirlos


The first windmill was erected on the Fair Isle as part of a National Trust Scotland project in 1984, and the second in 1996. Interestingly, they are both unique designs and not mass produced – with 60Kw and 100 Kw capacity.

The larger turbine was manufactured by Rolls Royce, and was their first and last venture into this field, due to a catastrophic failure in its first year of operation. As with the seminal turbine at Costa Head, Orkney, a lattice tower was used, as it was considered to be less obtrusive, however, it also probably offered less resistance to the extreme winds often present on Fair Isle.

Fair Isle Electricity Company now owns both machines and operates electricity generation on the island. They now require extensive overhauls and the community are looking at developing a new scheme using smaller turbines which will be easier to lower and maintain on the island.

One householder had a Proven machine, but since the owner's death last year the machine has been sold and is no longer on the isle. 

Proposal for a Fair Isle Windmill


Thanks to Angus Jack for collating this information and providing photographs 

Fair Isle Electricity

The National Trust: Fair Isles

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