Shiki's wind-towers


Proposal, Alec Finlay, 2011; photograph by Tomohiko Ogawa

This homage to the Japanese haiku poet Shiki was made in collaboration with the Japanese artist Tomohiko Ogawa.

Tomohiko's photograph was taken from the deck of Uwajima ferry, sailing to Beppu from Yahatahama, with a view of Cape Sata, and not far from Matsuyama, Shiki's hometown. This stretch of the western sea is called Setouchi, and features many small picturesque islands. Matsuyama is the capital of Ehime prefecture, which is known for its warm climate, calm weather, mandarin plantations and rich fishing grounds.

There are wind-towers on Cape Sata, but nearby, at Ikata, there is also a nuclear power plant.

word-mntn (Mt TAKASAKI)
Poem, Alec Finlay; photograph, Tomohiko Ogawa, 2011
Of course, this proposal also embeds a homage within a homage, to Hamish Fulton, whose artwork and philosophy has been heavily influenced by the walking practice of poets such as Basho and Shiki, most notably in his book Higurashi.

Higurashi, 2000



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