Great Glen Airshow


photograph, Alexander Maris 2009

I performed a serial poem on a windmill theme at Arts Catalyst's Great Glen Airshow, at H-I-C-A (Loch Ruthven, Scotland). This small turbine has always been one I have most admired, for its perfect form. It supplies power to Dalcrombie House.

Audio: Alec Finlay, at The Great Glen Airshow, 2010 
Stanley Productions, 2010

photograph, Ken Cockburn 2010

A wet audience huddled around the Dalcrombie turbine. As the poet read the pages turned to papier-mache mush in the rain.

photograph, Sue Pirnie 2010

Amongst the aerial themed projects, performances and events were Susanne Nørregård Nielsen's suprematist kites, which took some time to rise through the damp air, but eventually caught hold of the breeze.

photograph, Alec Finlay 2010

Arts Catalyst

I am currently in the early stages of developing a new project relating to renewable energy & windmills with Arts Catalyst, in collaboration with Alistair Peebles. Details will follow in a future blog.


Arts Catalyst  


The Road North: (43) H-I-C-A 

Susanne Nørregård Nielsen


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